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I pray you are surrounded by God’s love as we enter the newness of spring…

Although so many songs are up for interpretation according to how it hits an individual heart—the classic Beatles tune “Blackbird” has always touched the soul of this singer. As I am celebrating 40 years of ministry this year—this seemed like the perfect song to represent the faithfulness of God in my life.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night
take these broken wings and learn to fly…”

Little did I know that the Lord would allow me to be placed into the national spotlight in 1982.

I had just become a Christian. An Italian New York girl in Nashville, TN…traveling all over—singing to every church denomination, as a new believer. I was a baby and barely crawling as I grew in my faith. Everything was strangely unfamiliar—and it was a learning process.

Did I mean what I was singing and saying?
Did I love Him?
Oh, yes.

But, I was 22—and light years from what the Lord would do in my person and my heart.

God will use our gifts. He always does.
Although, I’ve often said, our gifts can be intact but we could be a mess.

I was struggling with an eating disorder.
I was struggling with a “sadness” that was eventually diagnosed as a serotonin deficiency.
I was struggling with the worth of my gift and my attractiveness next to the likes of the beauty and talent of other artists. I was just struggling…singing with, “broken wings in the dark of my own black night.”

But, it’s 2022—and I couldn’t be more grateful for the Lord’s healing grace. His amazing healing love.

Through deliberate choices to address my sorrows,
my sins and my own shatteredness—
He has brought me from “glory to glory”
and will continue to do so.
That is His heart for all of us.

This is why during this season, I am releasing Blackbird…

“Blackbird fly…into the light of the dark black night.”

I will continue to do just that.
So, thankful.

Love, KT
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