I’ve always loved this McCartney-Lennon tune.

I have learned that if you don’t have wings on your soul, you’re not really flying.
God takes us from brokenness into freedom.

Words & Music by Paul McCartney & John Lennon
Arranged by Kathy Troccoli

My Savior Singing

Through this life there is so much noise in our everyday.
We get up in the morning and the cares of the day envelop us.
But, He speaks and sings above the chaos.

“He rejoices over us with singing…” Zeph. 3:17

Words & Music by Kathy Troccoli & Michelle Margiotta
Orchestrated by Michelle Margiotta

Finally Free

Suicide has become a tragic epidemic.

During the covid pandemic, my family experienced this devastation.

I wrote this song to encourage and comfort those who have lost a loved to suicide.

Words & Music by Kathy Troccoli
Orchestration by Michelle Margiotta

© 2022 Kathy Troccoli Go Light Your World Foundation 501C. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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