KT's Groovin' Medleys


If you look on my ipod you will see “the best of this” and “the best of that”. I am a sucker for the catchy melodies and the feel good lyrics of the 60’s and 70’s. I started performing these songs several years and would have a blast. So many people asked if I would record them, so I did. My guitar player (Rick Witkowski) and I produced this. What is really funny is that many women have played it so much that their 5, 10 or 15 year-old started to love it. When they hear the originals on radio they say, “that’s Kathy’s song!” So I get credit for all this amazing music.

A few years ago, I began performing a fun set of “older tunes” in concert. These songs weren’t songs from any of my past albums but they were definitely songs from my past. I’ve always loved the unique melodies and strong passion that existed in the great music of the 1960’s and 1970’s. It hit me one day that many of these songs could just as easily represent our relationship with God as with each other. From the heartfelt “Say A Little Prayer” to the affirmation of “I Will Survive,” these songs come alive in a whole new way if we sing them in celebration of faith.

When I perform these songs in front of young people, I always say, “okay, now I’m going to introduce you to some GREAT music.” They laugh it off but pretty soon they’re totally into the experience. There’s even a new song included that I wrote years ago in the style of Memphis Blues called “Greater Is He.”

Enjoy, sing along, have fun and celebrate with my Groovin' CD! - Kathy

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