The Ultimate Collection with Bonus Pack




The Ultimate Collection (Digital Download)
Digital LEAD SHEETS for 40 of Kathy's most beloved songs

  1. A Baby's Prayer
  2. A Different Road
  3. A Love That Won't Walk Away
  4. All For The Life Of Me
  5. All Glory To God
  6. Break My Heart
  7. Each Moment
  8. Everything Changes
  9. Faithful To Me
  10. Go Light Your World
  11. Goodbye For Now
  12. Hallelujahs
  13. He Will Make A Way
  14. Help Me, God
  15. Help Myself To You
  16. How Would I Know
  17. I Belong To You
  18. I Call Him Love
  19. I Corinthians 13
  20. I Will Choose Christ
  21. Live For The Lord
  22. Love Was Never Meant To Die
  23. Make My Life A Prayer
  24. May I Be His Love
  25. Missing You This Christmas
  26. Morningstar
  27. My Life Is In Your Hands
  28. Only Always
  29. Parade
  30. Please Come
  31. Psalm 23
  32. Psalm 34
  33. Stubborn Love
  34. Take Me With You
  35. Talk To Jesus
  36. That's How Much I Love You
  37. Water Into Wine
  38. When I Look At You
  39. You're Still God
  40. You're Still Here


Ultimate Collection Bonus Pack
You will receive the following digital downloads by email within two business days:

  • A collection of Kathy's photos from different times in her ministry
  • Fifteen of Kathy's performance tracks
    • A Baby's Prayer
    • A Different Road
    • A Love that Won't Walk Away
    • Faithful To Me
    • Go Light Your World
    • Goodbye For Now
    • Hallelujahs
    • I Call Him Love
    • I Will Choose Christ
    • Make My Life A Prayer
    • May I Be His Love
    • My Life Is In Your Hands
    • Parade
    • Stubborn Love
    • That's How Much I Love You
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